What is a model comp card?

What is a model comp card?

New to Modeling ?

New models should not be surprised to hear that they’re expected to create and pay for their marketing materials. Begin with comp cards, portfolios, and web profiles. Or perhaps they thought it was the modeling agency’s responsibility to put together these essential items. Whatever the reason, the real story is that models are considered to be independent contractors, and these marketing materials are considered to be crucial start-up items that don’t involve the agency.
It’s just the ​cost of doing business.

One of the most critical marketing materials you’ll ever use is a composite card, which can be called a comp card, z card, zed card, or sed card. these printed pictures are the most powerful tool to get job in the Entertainment Industry.

Who Needs Comp Cards

Composite cards are essentially business cards. They’re an inexpensive and effective way to make a good first impression, to professionally showcase your abilities, and to share your contact information with agencies, scouts, clients, photographers, and other industry professionals. So, any model who is serious about their career, whether it’s commercial, fashion, plus-size, or any other type of modeling, needs to have composite cards! Keep in mind that if you plan on doing multiple kinds of modeling (like commercial and parts modeling, for example), you’ll need to have a separate comp card for each type.

Do you need a digital comp card?


online comp card or digital comp card

These days, many models use a combination of digital and physical composite cards. They’re basically the same, but with one obvious difference: One you email or send the url to your web site, and the other you use at talent trade shows or fashion shows. Request a professional such as your photographer to select your images. ;Then have them design and use the digital comp cards to introduce your talent.

Do you need a printed comp card?


Printed comp card

All comp cards, whether they’re online or not, act like mini-portfolios and are a quick and easy way for agencies, scouts, and clients to see what you’re all about as a model, and shows them that you’re serious about a future in modeling. It’s good to have both kinds on hand just in case the recipient prefers one type over the other.

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